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Ready to get started with Essential Oils
So...you've been thinking about it for a while and are ready to get started with essential oils? Perhaps you've have my getting started guide {linked below} up on your screen and still have a few questions....
Let's hop on the phone - click here to see what spots I have avail.
Looking forward to it!
STARTER GUIDE: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted
Essential Oil - Welcome Call
As a brand new essential oil user on the HOL:FIT Wellness Team - I am so excited welcome you! {If you haven't joined yet and are interested - please see my getting started guide here: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted}
During our call together, I will review with you:
- how to integrate the oils beautifully into your self + healthcare
- your membership + back office
- all of the amazing resources and support you have on our global wellness team!

Please have the Welcome Email I sent you up on your screen during our call as we will be reviewing several of the links from within that.

Looking forward to it!
Biz Opportunity Discovery Call
I would love to have discovery call with you to see if the biz opportunity on our HOL:FIT Wellness Team would be a great fit for you! Please tell me a little about your self in the booking notes:
- what do you feel called to do in life?
- do you have a website?
- have you ever been involved in network marketing before?
- what are you most passionate about?
- have you ever used essential oils in your self care?

Please visit my Biz Opportunity guide prior to our call: http://bit.ly/hfoilteam
Looking forward to it!
Mentor Call {ELITE rank}
Congratulations on achieving ELITE rank on our wellness team! To make the most of our 1:1 mentor call together - please be prepared to discuss:
- your current goal (in the next 3-6 months)
- your 2 year vision
- your contact + followup system
- your product + biz story
- your team structure {have your back office up during our call - we can talk about your emerging leaders, structuring for higher ranks...}

Looking forward to it!
SILVER LEADERS: group zoom with your 3 ELITES
Congrats on achieving SILVER rank!
I would love to offer your and your 3 ELITE leaders a 60 min group zoom session to strategize, talk goals and map out the next season in your biz as a growing team!
Please complete and send a Biz Heartbeat sheet to heyholfit@gmail.com at least 24 hrs prior to the booked call.
*I would like a heartbeat sheet from each person joining the call.
LINK: http://bit.ly/hfheartbeat
Mentor Call [Ange's personal enrolments]
Upon booking this call time - please complete your Biz Heartbeat Sheet and send to me at least 2 days prior to the call: http://bit.ly/hfbizheartbeat
Mentor Call {not on HOL:FIT Team} - $150
Would you like an hour of private coaching to ask anything, receive guidance and learn how you can duplicate my biz model?

Alternatively you can book this time and invite your leaders to do a group zoom session.

Please complete this mentor form and email to me at heyholfit@gmail.com at least 2 days prior to our scheduled call time.

MENTOR FORM: http://bit.ly/hfpublicmentor
Directions London, ON, Canada